Safety Committee

The Safety Committee at ACI

ACI’s Safety Committee exists to foster relationships and promote “best practices” among the safety professionals of our member companies. The committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss current issues with regards to safety in commercial construction. The committee also actively shapes the mission of the safety department at Allied Construction Industries through the selection of services offered and educational topics covered. In addition the committee is instrumental in all safety department events including the planning and execution of ACI/OSHA Safety Day. Committee membership is open to any member of ACI.



Safety Committee Members 2014-2015

Chair: Scott Purdy, Fenton Rigging Company
Chair Elect: Gina Anaple, Baker Concrete
*ACI Board Liason



Steve Cahill
Abercrombie & Associates, Inc.

Tonya First
ESI, Inc.

Jim Rife
Quandel Construction Group, Inc.

Tom Alexander
Atkins & Stang, Inc.

George Best
Gallagher SKS

Tim Roberts
Safety Alliance, LLC

Forrest Cash
Barrett Paving Materials, Inc.

Nick Bales
Great Lakes Construction

Matt McCreery
Safety Resources, Inc.

Gary Coffey
Barret Paving Materials, Inc.

Steven Miefert
Hilltop Basic Resources

Jim Litfin
Schumacher Dugan Construction, Inc.

Steve Kollar
Ben Hur Construction Company, Inc.

Joe Arway
Holland Roofing

Julie Stark
Siemering Tile Company, Inc.

Bruce A. Slattery
Bruce A. Slattery Associates Consulting, LLC

Matt Barry*
James Hunt Construction Company

Kathy Mitchell
Thomas J. Dyer Company

Sue Meyer
cHc Fabricating Corporation

Andy Stump
Janell Concrete & Masonry Equipment, Inc.

John Patton
Thomas J. Dyer Company

Sherry Leadbetter
Cincinnati Air Conditioning Co.

Brad Folke
Lithko Contracting, Inc.

Steve Spaulding
Turner Construction Company

Joe Brooks
Commercial Group Lifting

John Merrill
Maxim Crane Works, LP

John Rudd
Valley Interior Systems, Inc.

Mike Donnelly
Cooperative Safety Company of Cincinnati, LLC

Mike Marksbury
Messer Construction Company

Billie A. Luttmer
Victor Sales and Leasing

Lizzie Donnelly
Cooperative Safety Company of Cincinnati, LLC

Chris Cordrey
Messer Construction Company

Thomas Jones
Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc.

Michael Lotz
D.A.G. Construction

Gaye Johnson
OSHA Cincinnati Area Office

Todd Haidet
Oswald Company, Inc.

Mike Garvey
Danis Building Construction Company

Jason Harvey
Prus Construction Company

Bobby Hammons
Oswald Company, Inc.

Mike Harris

Jenny Scheuering
Dugan & Meyers Company

Matt Richardson
Peck, Hannaford & Briggs Company

Jim Dillinger
Dugan & Meyers Construction Company



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